Lay Flat Irrigation Hose

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SOMETHING aBOUT lAY Flat Irrgation Hose

Irrigation hoses are used to deliver water to the garden in order to help the plants grow well. It is not suitable for hot water. To irrigate the wider area, there are sprinklers and sprayers used to spread the water easily. You only have to put the hoses in a point and let it sprays the area by itself.

The Material

Irrigation hoses are commonly made of plastic and synthetic rubber. The characteristic of it is flexible so that it could reach the small spaces between trees and obstacles. The material determines its use. Therefore, sometimes people need this kind of hoses to outdoor cleaning too like washing vehicles and more. People also use it as the drinking water hoses but it needs the spigot or tap in order to avoid the backflow of contaminant. It is called the backflow prevention device.

The use of drip irrigation is preferable because it saves much water. Our company is trying to provide the best irrigation hoses which meet the standard of use and safety. Before selecting any material of it, you have to consider some cases first. They are the crop, fuel cost and ability, water source, initial cost, the wide of the area, and the maintenance cost.

lay flat irrigation hose

The Hose Pull Traveler

This is a new generation of irrigation hoses. Although it is more expensive than common hoses, it has plenty advantages for the user. It could be shortened based on the need, especially because of no cable to support it. You need less time to irrigate because you could move it easily to the different spot. In the narrow area, it works well no matter the location of the wound. Are you looking for the automated function of hoses? This is a big deal for you! For micro-irrigation, you do not need special attention and design anymore! The fertigation is another area to cover by this hoses.

You could find this type in our company. We have some collections to consider.

Dragman Extra Features

Dragman Extra is our popular irrigation hoses. The problem of slurry transport is easy to handle as long as you keep Dragman with you. This is a lightweight hose and everyone can hold it simply. It is designed with tensile stress and abrasive in mind. Even if you have a wide field, let this hose helps you a lot for 200 m. The wider than its scope, it is great to discuss with us. What makes it different from the standard Dragman is its ability on dewatering and open pit water transfer. Before you start on using it, it is suggested to you to read the instruction first and make sure there is not any one part of the hose across to another!

Flexitex Extra

The wider irrigation scope needs the bigger and extra tools to handle it. It is made from the mixture of PVC and Nitrile rubber completed by the UV barrier to avoid the UV radiation. During its production, there is a strong bonding between the cover and lining. It has a high-pressure rating which makes it will not stretch after pull. The strength of the hoses is located on its high resistance to any used chemicals. It is totally safe.

Are you not interested in having this extra type? You can move on Flexitex Standard. As one of the common irrigation hoses, Flexitex could be used in smaller irrigation and slurry units. Nonpolar liquid is welcome. Another feature of it is same as the extra. However, what makes it different is just the scope of irrigating.

Superman HVT

It is made from thermoplastic polyether based on TPU and produced by polyester yarn make it has an ability to transfer liquid under high pressure. At the same time, it is easy to handle and deploy because of its lightweight. People love to have it because of its scope of irrigation which flexible on wider field and small one. Although it deploys in rugged terrain, the hoses will not get any damage because of its awesome abrasion resistance. As its superhero name, it hopes that this kind of hoses could be your superhero. There must be time to get used with it, but whatever the procedure you love to install it, make sure it is great and right so that it is better to check the guideline of using it.

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Made of the same material as Superman HVT, Ultraman is better because of wear and tear properties. This is the complete features for everyone who desire on having the perfect tools in rugged and normal condition. It has a high resistance to UV radiation, abrasive, and used chemicals. Not only that common damaging unit, it also resistance to the fungus degradation and hydrolysis. To sum up, this kind of hoses is the whole you desire for your field. Slurry will be transported easily and in the right manner. It also good to deliver the fresh water to its standard diameter. You may have the wider diameter but keep in your mind to find a solution to handle it.

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Anything you need about the hoses for field and agriculture scope area, it is better to consult everything to us. Our company keeps trying to give the best and the qualified hoses. The warranty is yours with maximum 2 years. Only professionals who work with us and they keep on trying to give the high resistance hoses which should be safe and cost-effective for your business and large industry. There should be strong to tear and pressure. The hoses from us are made by the great yarn and all of them are of good quality. We hope we could work together and we ensure you to put the budget in a correct place. Rubber material is better than Nylon, but if you would like to have the easier to coils, Nylon is the best partner for you. Check the size of the field and how is the procedure would you like to do with using it?